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25 Years - Avicenna Accounting Inc. - Celebrating Excellence
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Avicenna Accounting Services was fantastic at understanding our problems and ensuring that timescales were met...
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About Us 

AVICENNA, founded in 1992 by Mr. Behraz Bahri, has emerged as one of the progressive accounting and tax services provider in the US. We offer comprehensive accounting service , tax service, and consulting services to a wide variety of individuals and corporations. We know the worth of client relationships, and are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients. That is why our business growth owes to the kind referrals from our clients. This is the highest praise we could ever receive!

At Avicenna, our “client-first” culture sets us apart. All our efforts are focused on understanding our clients’ requirements and pleasing them to our best. Our dedicated team of professionals is aware that customized service is crucial to client satisfaction, and that’s what has made us a leader in every area of accounting and business consultation we practice.

Business individuals and companies like to work hard every day to overcome financial security issues. Timely financial information and sound professional business advice customized to your needs will help you along the path to success.

AVICENNA commitment is to provide you with right financial statements and business direction that are keys to managing a business successfully. We can offer realistic suggestions related to accounting, income tax preparation, online bookkeeping , tax planning, payroll and financial statement report guidance to help, manage and direct your project.

We specialize in: