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25 Years - Avicenna Accounting Inc. - Celebrating Excellence
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Avicenna Accounting Services was fantastic at understanding our problems and ensuring that timescales were met...
Automotive Sales and Services
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Business Tax Planning


If you are searching for accurate tax planning and want to improve your business returns by reducing your taxes, we can help. Our tax planning goal is all about making a difference to your business!


As an established industry leader in the field of tax planning, we have extensive experience working with small and large businesses across all aspects of tax-cycle – tax planning, preparation, compliance and controversy. Our effective tax planning strategy provides accurately prepared returns, related estimations and professional consultation.


Tax planning services at Avicenna involves:


  • Protecting your business from tax liabilities
  • Identifying new legal and practical pitfalls that you as a business owner may have overlooked
  • Proposing ways to avoid such dangers and pitfalls
  • Finding ways to limit taxes in every possible way
  • Provide legal tax advice through our professional tax advisor
  • Offer tax planning services in all kinds of business areas including commercial, industrial, professional and non-profit sectors



Badly managed taxes can be a big blow for your business! So don’t let this bad management stress you out or divert your attention from your core business, and let our professionals handle your taxes.

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