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Preparation of Financial Forecasts


Planning your business future…….


Avicenna financial accounting services, our expert accountants and business advisors help clients in the preparation of their financial forecasts by assisting in recording and documenting underlying assumptions and developing rational approaches for your future business functioning.


We identify the following to prepare your financial forecasts:


  • capital you need for external funding
  • the security you can offer to lenders
  • how borrowings and loans repayment plan
  • your resources of revenue and income
  • the amount of money you expect to increase from your sales
  • your cash balance and monthly cash flow patterns, showing enough capital for your business survival
  • the level of profit you expect to make, along with potential threats to your business


Operating a business without financial forecasts is unimaginable as you need these reports to manage and monitor your financial progress. Therefore, we provide a range of financial forecasting and analysis services to everyone, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Please contact us for further assistance.