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Avicenna Accounting Services was fantastic at understanding our problems and ensuring that timescales were met...
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Income Tax Preparation


Avicenna is a reputable firm providing income tax preparation, electronic filing, audit assistance and income tax review services all over the USA.


While preparing your own taxes, you may have encountered questions like, should you keep your tax record? Should you file together with your spouse? Where can you get the relevant forms from? What are the recent tax regulations and so on…Income tax preparation is no doubt a daunting task. To make it easier, our trained tax experts can assist you at every stage of your income tax preparation and answer all your small and big questions with responsiveness and professionalism.


Individual income tax preparation: If you’re an individual avoiding income tax service just to save some money, you’re on the wrong track. Our income tax preparation services are not only reasonable but can even show you ways to refund. We prepare your income taxes in compliance with tax laws, assist in preparing tax forms, and show the best ways in which you can avoid paycheck deductions.


Business income tax preparation: Many small and large businesses turn to us during the tax season. We have the expertise to get your federal and state income tax returns prepared correctly, so your business income can remain in compliance with the tax laws yet pay the lowest amount of taxes possible. Business income tax is far complicated than preparing individual income tax, therefore we save your time and energy to focus on your business critical issues, while we handle you income taxes accurately and proficiently.


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