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Online Payroll Processing Services


Online payroll processing service lets you spend more time on your business performance, and less on non-core functions of payroll. It not only helps you manage your employees’ salary, but also keeps you in compliance with the taxing authorities.

Payroll processing is one of the most complicated yet important administrative tasks for any business. With Avicenna’s online payroll processing services, now you can keep your staff happy while satisfying all the taxing systems with minimal effort. Being a full-service payroll company, we GUARANTEE that now you'll spend more time on your business growth and less on your payroll.

Our online payroll processing services are intended to help companies reduce their costs, improve employee relations and ultimately increase business productivity. Our secure website, vast knowledge and extensive experience allow our clients across the United States to rely on our online payroll processing services.

Online Payroll Processing Services


  • Payroll preparation & processing
  • Payroll management


Benefits of Our Online Payroll Services


  • Our online payroll processing save you time and let you direct your attention to the main issues concerning your company’s growth and productivity
  • Our payroll services are three-in-one: cost effective, customized and convenient
  • We help you stay in compliance with Federal & state tax authorities by ensuring that your company pays taxes each employee is liable to
  • Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We are prompt, responsive and technically sound in answering and solving any issues regarding your payroll management
  • Safety and security of your payroll is given precedence
  • You can deliver us your documents in whatever way you feel comfortable, either by fax or email
  • The reports we prepare and easy to read and understand


Let the professionals at Avicenna handle your time-consuming and annoying tasks of payroll processing, while you focus on your business growth.

For details, contact us now and have 30 minutes FREE consultation!