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25 Years - Avicenna Accounting Inc. - Celebrating Excellence
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Avicenna Accounting Services was fantastic at understanding our problems and ensuring that timescales were met...
Automotive Sales and Services
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Tax Preparation Services


Your growing business needs strategic planning in managing all types of resources. Taxation is one major part of your business and a single mistake in tax planning or tax preparation can affect your business negatively.
Avicenna Accounting is serving its clients since 1992, in managing their Personal and business tax planning, preparation, audit and audit representation. Our clients are individuals as well as small and large business owners. We provide our clients with advice and guidance on income tax and business tax strategies and our expertise include:


  • Personal tax planning
  • Business tax planning
  • Income tax preparation
  • Tax audit representation
  • Delayed tax payment management


We're an accounting company with years of experience and a good number of tax accountants and public accountants. So, we aim to help you stay in conformity with the law while paying the minimum amount of tax possible. We’ll be more than happy to serve you if you’re looking for tax planning for individuals, business owners, and executives, corporations, share holders, and closely-held businesses.

Online Tax Services

Avicenna has made it possible for clients to plan, prepare and manage their taxes online. We are among the top firms, introducing online taxation services in all 50 states of the US. Through our secure website, businesses can receive all their tax related services online through a trustworthy, secure connection.


Benefits of our online tax services:

  • Support of Federal and State income taxes for all states in the US
  • Expert tax advisors are always here to help you prepare your income taxes online.
  • Accuracy in managing your tax returns is Guaranteed